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Attending an event is not the same as living it.

The Smart D90EV printer comes with a new feature ideal for your events, we introduce you the new Smart D90ev #Hashtag.
Do you want to increase the reach, viralize and bring a plus of dynamism that will make your events unforgettable? With the Smart D90ev #hashtag it's simple, just take a picture, put a #hashtag in #Instagram or #Twitter and let the printer do the rest of the work! The printer will detect the images with the #hashtag created for the event and your pictures wil l be printed directly!
With this new feature you will create a greater impact of your event in the social networks with which you will gain impact and virality!

What are you waiting for?
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Your own way
Your event printer

A wedding, a party, a sporting event, a festival, a graduation?

Place the printer, customize the layout through text or images and let your guests enjoy printing easily and instantly each image that is sent to the printer. Also with this printer you can customize the photos with your brand and use perforated paper that will add value to each image allowing you to create new business opportunities such as cross selling, discount coupons, marketing actions...
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Fun print
This option allows you to print moments in Polaroid format and/or multiple photo strip designs. By simply connecting to the printer, images from the event are immortalized. In addition, these can be personalized with an image, text or brand, getting the photo printed with the memory of the event.
Easy print
This option opens up a huge range of possibilities: different printing formats, multiple customizable templates, printing on traditional paper or punching, allowing a wide range of uses for the business or events.
Smart print
If the event requires a photo call, the Events Smart Printer allows the photographer to just shoot his camera, if there is Wi-Fi connection.
The photographs taken will be sent immediately by FTP functionality. The images taken can also be send directly to the printer thanks to the Smart Photo Print App. The Events Smart Printer will do the rest.
Success stories

Discover below some of our success stories, real events in which the Events Smart Printer was the protagonist.
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The opinions of those who already know us

Find out what those who have already tested the new Events Smart Printer thought. Testimonials from real users, who wanted to give an original and fresh touch to their events.
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Pilar Lam
Operations Manager at Green Hat People.
I discovered a new way of organizing my events!

It automatically uploads the photos to the networks, which gives a lot of visibility and interaction and generates traffic easily. And best of all: it does not need any kind of installation, it is small and lightweight, very easy to move and to use anywhere.
Agata Puigmal
Comercial director at Eventoplus.
It's a great complement for any event.

I discovered the Mitsubishi's Smart Printer in the MIS, a formative event for the meetings & events sector in Madrid, I was surprised by his printing speed. It's a very good solution to dynamize events, to make contests and games with the participants who furthermore, will be able to take home their photos.
Mercé Campillo
Directora de cuentas en Actimundi.
An effective way to give an original touch to any action with the best results.

The Events Smart Printer has already accompanied us in several events and the results are excellent. It brings a unique touch to your event with the security of obtaining an optimum result with the greater agility.
Montse Mir贸
Product Manager at NAOS.
It was a great added value for our event!

We use the Smart Printer Mitsubishi at a party of our company. It was totally new, very fast, high quality printing and super practical. In addition it is not complicated, the public printed many photos without any inconvenience as it is very easy to use.
Borja Diaz
Sales Department at Hesperia Tower
The clients have enough facility to connect and the installation is also very agile.

We have already used it in several events and has gone very well. Overall we are very happy.
Any questions?
We contact you!

If you still have any doubts about the Events Smart Printer, if there is something that is not clear to you, fill in the following form and we'll send you the detailed information you may need.
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